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We Dig Deep so
you don’t have to.

Learn about the vision behind Dig Deep and how it drives our clients’ success.

The Data and the Insight
to Secure Your Grant Funding

“How much money is really out there?”
“Can I really get a grant for this project?”
“Is seeking funding even worth my time?”

As a leading cultivator of creative funding solutions, Dig Deep has heard these questions and many more like them from prospective clients. And we often answer in the same way: Yes, but you have to know how and where to look.

That’s where Dig Deep comes in. We have created an extensive database of state, federal and private funding sources for cities and towns seeking capital grants, particularly for water infrastructure. Become a member and you’ll benefit from a comprehensive list of grant opportunities from our database that best match your criteria. Tap into online resources that help strengthen your knowledge and pursuit of grants. And be rest assured that technical assistance is just a phone call away.

Subscribe to a higher membership level, and receive additional coaching from Dig Deep’s founder, Tia Cavender, and her team of experienced strategists. They’ll help realign your projects to better meet funders’ expectations and increase your chances of winning valuable resources. Be sure to review our membership page to determine which level is right for your organization.

There’s fertile ground out there for capital funding. We help our members find it with full access to our Resource Library, one-on-one consultation and more.
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The Basic Plan

Want assistance digging into the world of strategic grant planning, but prefer the flexibility to explore and excavate at your own pace? Our basic membership is the perfect tool for you. We’ll supply you with a comprehensive list of grant opportunities, 24/7 access to our online collection of information resources, and access to expert technical support to help you answer your grant planning questions.

The Enhanced Plan

Prefer to have an experienced strategist help cultivate your strategic grant plan? With the enhanced membership, you receive one-on-one consultation to evaluate your organization’s projects, funding goals, and potential funding opportunities, providing you with customized recommendations to best position your application for success.

The Premium Plan

Need to grow your efforts to the next level? The premium membership digs even deeper for your organization, creating immediate and long-term positive impact with on-site training for your board and/or grant planning leaders.

Tia Cavender

The founder of Dig Deep™, Tia takes the lead in strategically structuring municipal projects and then matching them with capital funding sources. Known inside Dig Deep’s walls as “the master cultivator,” she is tireless both in her thoughtful structuring of each project and in searching for long-term solutions that meet the needs of everyone at the table. A national expert with more than 15 years of experience in capital grant seeking, Tia is a Certified Grants Professional (GPC) and member of the Grant Professionals Association. In addition, she holds two master’s degrees from the University of Colorado (Industrial/ Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology). Fueled by too much caffeine and a relentless drive, Tia is devoted to social justice, environmental sustainability, and quite a few other things that aren’t even remotely serious. She always finds time to cheer on her kids’ athletic and artistic pursuits. (She’s the loud but constructive one.)

Jen Waltz

The generator behind Dig Deep’s daily operations, Jen keeps a firm hand on the company’s proprietary data and research. With more than ten years of experience managing evaluation projects, securing research funding, and conducting usability testing protocols, Jen excels in mixed-methods analysis and evaluation. She also manages the content for Dig Deep’s online resource library and is indispensable when it comes to decoding grant-speak. Off the clock, she finds respite in Colorado’s foothills where she lives with her many, many pets. Of course, there are witty names, too. But we’ll spare you.

Rachel Hood

Rachel is one of Dig Deep’s expert surveyors, with more than 15 years of experience managing teams and building public-private partnerships. She maps out various pathways to energy and water-related funding, and is often tapped for her expertise in renewable energy, energy-water nexus and environmental education. Rachel is passionate about anything that will make the world a better place for her kids and yours. In her off hours, you can catch her on a bike, in a garden or at a party raising more money and volunteers for communities.

Kevin Eatherly

Dig Deep also counts Kevin as a master surveyor, who plots solutions in a different area. With more than 18 years of project management experience, he helps nurture collaboration between public agencies and private stakeholders to develop cost-effective solutions for water conservation, while maintaining a balance between the needs of agricultural and urban audiences. In his downtime, Kevin enjoys meditating and farming—but never at the same time.