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Use Government Grants to Fund Your Next Water Project

We Dig Deep so you don’t have to.

Learn how Dig Deep helps municipalities find grant funding instead of raising water rates.

Why Municipalities Need a Grant Pursuit Strategy (GPS)

Government grants are incredibly competitive – especially now.

Without a solid grant pursuit strategy, staff can spend hundreds of fruitless hours searching for grants on their own and still see projects halted or delayed. The Dig Deep Grant Pursuit Strategy (GPS) steers you toward top grant opportunities. You expend less effort and increase your odds of securing external funding.

The Dig Deep Advantage

Our nation’s aging water infrastructure puts everyone at risk. We’ve made it our mission and purpose to help communities find external funding for water projects.

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The Right Tools

We know where the treasure (grants) is buried. Our proprietary database and systems can help you efficiently navigate your way through the grant process.

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The Right Expertise

Finding grants is all we do. While your staff have extensive knowledge about your community and its projects, Dig Deep is the expert in getting water projects funded.

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The Right ROI

Be a good steward of community funds. Residents appreciate when municipalities keep water rates low. Just one grant will more than pay for the project.

Don’t “Wander and Wonder.” Get Grant Guidance.

“How much money is really out there?”

“Can I get a grant for this project?”

“Is seeking grants even worth my time?”

We believe data is power. With all the tasks on your plate, you can’t be expected to be a grant expert too. We’ve have created an extensive database of state, federal and private funding sources for cities and towns seeking capital grants, particularly for water infrastructure.

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