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About Us

What We Do

Need funding for a capital improvement project?

Dig Deep provides strategic planning and data-driven recommendations to help successfully secure it. Our goal is to unearth the most viable, long-term funding for your project.

Drilling Down on the Dig Deep Story

With over 15 years of experience helping secure capital funding for public and private organizations, Tia Cavender knows the government grant world to its very depths. This work led her to an insightful conclusion: there’s grant money out there, but little knowledge of how to compete for it. Municipalities, in particular, are often unaware or even invest their resources ineffectively.

In 2010, Tia formed Chase Park Grants, a national research firm specializing in government grant-seeking for capital and infrastructure projects. She brought together a high caliber team of grant pros and technical advisors to provide clients with grants research, strategic grants planning and grant development services. While successful, Tia discovered that her knowledge and proprietary database of capital grants was the true key for even more municipalities and other government agencies to achieve results. The database streamlined what can be a time-consuming, frustrating process for grant seekers.

So, Dig Deep was created. Depending on their needs, Dig Deep members can opt for one of three different membership levels, each with its own mix of online resources and strategic planning. All members benefit from a cultivated list of capital funding opportunities. Dig Deep has proven to be the solution that many budget- and time-stretched organizations need—a customized approach that points the way to the most viable, long-term funding solutions.

Our online Resource Library will help you find everything you need to write that grant proposal.
Dig Deep Research
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