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Finding and  Winning  Government Grants for Water Projects

We Dig Deep so you don’t have to.

Now more than ever you need to be strategic about finding funding for water-related capital projects. Maybe you’ve lost significant revenue post-Covid. Maybe council members are pressing you to lock in some of “that infrastructure money.”

Dig Deep helps entities building and upgrading essential water projects navigate the funding world.  That’s our specialty—finding and winning government grants for water projects.

Dig Deep will do the research, provide you a roadmap, coach you to success, and prepare funding applications.

How Does Dig Deep Help?

We have three main services, customizable to your needs

  • Research: developing a curated list of the best funding opportunities for YOUR project
  • Strategy: cutting through the overwhelm and giving you a step-by-step plan for the next two years
  • Grant Writing: preparing winning proposals to the most competitive pograms for water projects

Benefits of Partnering with Dig Deep:

  • You don’t have to search through hundreds of websites just to find funding opportunities.
  • You leverage our specialized research team with decades of water grant experience.
  • You are able to plan and budget ahead for procurement and grant writing.
  • You only apply for grants with the highest probability of success.
  • We partner with you to create the best chance of getting funded.

Municipalities who have followed our advice have seen a 100% return on investment (ROI) within 18 months, and 6-to-1 ROI long term.

Ready to get started? We dig it!

Who needs Dig Deep?

Any city, county or water district looking for external funding for a water-related capital improvement project can benefit from our expertise. Our typical client serves a population of 10,000-50,000 residents, but we work with communities of all sizes. We have particular expertise with the 17 Western states served by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The Dig Deep team are experts in water-related projects—drinking water, storm water, wastewater. The types of projects typically eligible for funding include these:

  • Water storage
  • Water reclamation and reuse
  • Water conservation
  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Water quality
  • Water rights and property acquisition
  • Water-related renewable energy
  • Water-related endangered species protection
  • And restoration of our streams, lakes, and natural bodies of water

A Trusted Guide

Finding grants is hard, at least the grants you have the best chance of winning. Most applicants underestimate the time, effort and skill it takes to find and apply for grants. Plus. it’s easy to overestimate your odds of actually receiving a grant.

There’s a big difference between being eligible for a grant and being competitive enough to win a grant. That’s where Dig Deep comes in. We often recommend clients don’t pursue a certain grant, because we are all about your success, not just racking up fees for grant writing.

Don’t Put Off Getting the Funding You Need Any Longer

Give us a call today or shoot us an email so we can talk about your project and how Dig Deep can help.

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